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NARD puts artists in great positions to be seen and heard by legitimate record labels, music publishers and supervisors, daily. Our A&R experts rate files, with honesty, integrity, and professionalism so artists have a realistic opportunity to get signed.

Opportunities of a Lifetime

Connecting talented artists with great labels.

There are thousands of opportunities per year to get your music heard by major and independent record labels, music publishers and music supervisors working on film and TV projects. That’s every genre of music. Overall, An opportunity to get signed by a company that could change your life and lifestyle.

Feedback From Our A&R Experts

Get written, detailed feedback from our A&R Pros. This is excellent information you would not generally get without paying a tremendous consultation fee.

Our A&R Pros will carefully listen to each song, watch your video(s), view your photo gallery and review your bio. This will allow them to:

a. Give you honest, professional feedback which allows you to move forward with a great rating or information to make the necessary changes recommended and come back swinging.

Feedback From Our A&R Experts (cont)

Our A&R Pros specializes in different genres of music. Your profile will be assigned to an A&R who specializes in your genre.

Our A&R Pros are here to help you WIN! Take advantage of this opportunity and get a record deal. You deserve it.

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Free Access To Other Members

Collaborate with other artists, attorneys and management companies who can help you build a better profile and image to present to record labels. Share ideas!

There are top producers and songwriters who can help you craft better songs and recordings.

Access To Entertainment Attorneys & Mgmt Companies

Meet attorneys and management companies who can help you with contractual agreements and much more.

Before getting too far behind the eight ball, get legal advice from an experienced attorney.

Personal Profile Page

Host up to 10 songs, 10 photos, 6 videos, your bio and more to present to over 2000 record labels.

Also include your stats for: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This allows record labels to see that you have a following which may result in more sales.

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NARD’s monthly newsletter brings you insider ‘PRICELESS’ information and ideas that may help you in your music career.

Many times, the newsletter will bring you things about the industry that may help you make wiser decision regarding your quest to become a successful artist.


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