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Today’s music scene is ever changing. With technology, there have never been so many ways to get your music out there. You would think this would make getting a deal with a label much easier, but in actuality it has complicated things. Labels are overwhelmed with so much to wade through such as: YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp, Spotify, to name a few. NARD simplifies the process for the 2,000 and counting labels who have come on board in hopes to make discovering artists much less difficult.

NARD is an avenue for you to showcase your musical talent, get your music heard, and put you closer to signing that recording contract. When you first join, you will create your profile which includes, photographs, a brief bio, a collection of your YouTube videos, your music, social media stats, web page, or other web presence you might have. Next, you will be rated by our A & R professionals on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the most desired rating. Your rating can help push you to the forefront of artists labels view when they search. Once a label is interested in teaming up with you, they can then make contact with you directly through your info provided on NARD.

By joining NARD, not only will you help to greatly increase your visibility with labels, but you’ll also have access to top photographers, managers, and entertainment attorneys around the country. You will have the needed ingredients for embarking on a career in the industry and getting a contract.
Along with these benefits, you will also receive the NARD monthly newsletter. NARD is not only a venue where you can be found, but a community of artists where you can make connections.

NARD gives you a leg up in an age where standing out can be extremely difficult. Becoming part of the NARD collective is an investment in your talent you won’t regret. It is a big step towards giving your music a future.

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