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NARD is good with helping artists become better at their craft! The A&R Pro gave me honest feedback in rating my profile which I know will help me go to the next level in my career! Sometimes you don’t want to hear the truth about your artistry, but if you are serious and really want it, you won’t mind!

From your songs , videos & pictures to your social media, they’ve helped me a lot by being honest with what and how I need to do things to take my career to the next level. Since they’ve rated my profile, I now know what I need to do to become the next BIG thing in the industry and/or be there with some of the best artists in the industry!

So, if you’re looking for a great way to build and take your career to the next level, go to NARD! Thanks & God Bless

It’s Chris!

Chris Parker / Singer/Song Writer

NARD’s A&R Pro gave me advice and guidance on how to take my music to the next level. I got rated on my creativity, and deliverance. Not just that but ways to get my music in a higher standard to get ready for record labels to hear and see my music and artistry at it’s perfection. If you are looking for a place to see where your music and artistry really stand, go to NARD.

Stacey Fowlks / Rapper

There was a glitch in the system when I first signed up, so it took a while to get rated. I didn’t know if NARD was real or a scam! Once making contact with a NARD rep and explaining that I had not been rated, she told me about the glitch and immediately contacted the A&R Department. I was rated within a week by Allen Lindsey (A&R Pro). I thought the rating was good. He gave me a 4 out of 5 stars.

I would like to be able to speak with a live person when calling NARD. I also would like a faster response. I believe NARD should be more involved with the public as far as showcases and etc. If a record deal presents itself, I am all for it. I look forward to seeing how NARD works out for me. If it does, I would be the first to give props.

Charles Collins / Rapper

1st, thank you for the service y’all provide & special thanks to Zach Olinger (A&R Pro) for taking the time to listen and give me the proper feedback that will help me go to the next level.

After 7 years away from music, battling addiction, and going through our fine judicial system, I must say his feedback was truthful and heartfelt. The song he liked the most “I Apologize” was 12 years old and is considered in my mind timeless. I think an improvement on NARDs part would be to add a comment section about the track to allow the artist to explain the track, i.e. details, dates recorded, etc. To give the A&R Pro some background.

1. He is spot on with social media #s. This is a popularity contest but I refuse to wear a dress ?, wave 1 of 3 powerful guns I own around like Slim Jesus, or sell my soul for a following. My following from MySpace in 2007 was the last interaction with music and social media.

2. Identity/Branding- He couldn’t distinguish who I was as an artist by the choice/mix of songs I uploaded. (Nard comment box may help). He is right though, but look at how successful EM was. Great way of fusing funny/emotion/lyrics. I am from the south so “Bang Bang” has a YellaWolf trunk music feel/TX sound/with Louisiana attitude all day. For “not the one to play with”, I wrote that in crayon because they don’t allow pens at Oceans Mental Behavior Hospitals. The split personality/Skitso is something I wouldn’t expect the listener to get unless they knew more about me. “Money High” well, I don’t dance & or make dance songs. I just got out of jail, I’m sober, and chasing money and I need a come back single everyone can relate to. So I turned a negative into a positive by rapping about being addicted or on a money high. Much better concept than explaining to our youth how I got my name “Cain”. Even dumbed down my lyrics to make it more “comfortable” to listen to and radio friendly.

If I was Zach I wouldn’t have known what the heck to say. That’s a lot to try to take in not knowing much about an artist. I think he did a great job. Hats off!

With the statement don’t try to make hits yet… I know you got a variety of songs from me so you rated me accordingly. I’d like to counter by saying I have been trying to master my craft for about 15 years. (Hits make good products to sell). I got my respect in the street inch by inch by killing MCs on mixtapes with word play. That is who I am! Thank you Zach for helping me get back in touch with that!

That has now become the strategy to draw listeners in for a second look, once they listen to more of me they will be more open to softer emotional songs like I Apologize. Unfortunately racism still exists and it is very strong in Louisiana, hell my city has a hanging jail. Want to talk about removing some statues, let’s get rid of that!

My point is I have to gain the respect of my peers 1ST by demonstrating raw lyrical talent before those other songs will be accepted. Respect for the time, energy, and heart I’ve put into my craft is worth more than a record deal any day.

Since my rating from NARD I’ve taken all constructive criticism and applied it to my new material. “Spirits” showcases my lyrical side while expressing how I feel in regards to the way the industry looks.

“Here I Am” also showcases lyrics and has a few controversial lines throughout it to get people talking. Mixed with Rock and Hip Hop it lets fans in on my attitude and free spirited flow with no direction.

“Money High” The only part I strongly disagree with. The concept is exactly what I wanted to create, mixed with a kiddy fruityloop sounding beat similar to “Soulja Boys Crank That”, has got awesome reviews from every radio station, A&R, and Platinum Producer that’s heard it. I honestly didn’t know what I had until WLPWR reviewed it on isina.com & my homie sent a video of it playing at a party in Missouri. Now it’s about strategically launching, imaging, branding, building.

Again great job on rating me off of what I submitted. I look forward to more.

Thomas Garris / Rapper

Understanding as an artist we seek ways to help define our craft with the ultimate goal of being signed. Nard has provided a platform that allowed me to showcase my talents and being rated by some of the top insiders of the business helped me to trust in the process. The expertise of the people here at Nard has a way of boosting the confidence along with boosting the chances of greater recognition. I’m grateful for the opportunity afforded to me through this service.


Tremaine Barker / Rapper

I am very satisfied with my experience with NARD. I got my rating a while ago and it has helped me find what’s missing with my sound and I look forward to getting rated again soon. I would like to thank everyone at NARD that has played a part so far.

Joshua Mitchell / Rapper

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